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Witches' Meet

Merry do we meet again.
We're all here, as we've ever been.
We meet today in peace and love.
As is below, so is above.

Love Trivia

The longest screen kiss in a commercial feature movie occupied 3 min. 5 sec. of screen time in You're In The Army Now (1941). Regis Toomey and Jane Wyman were the movie's lingering lip-lungers.

The greatest number of couples to have kissed in the same location at the same time is 1,588, at the Sarnia Sports and Entertainment Center, Ontario, Canada, on 13 February, 1999.

Your heart weighs approximately 11 ounces, is a little larger than your fist, and beats approximately 4000 times an hour.

The Kama Sutra is believed to be the oldest sex manual in existence. Generally considered the standard work on love in Sanskrit literature, the book is thought to have been written around 300 A.D.

The "I Love You" computer virus was detected in Hong Kong on May 1, 2000. In four days the virus had mutated into three different generations. Figures by Trend Micro Inc. showed that "I Love You" had infected 3.1 million computers worldwide.

The oldest surviving love poem is written in a clay tablet from the times of the Sumerians, inventors of writing, around 3500 B.C. It was unromantically named Istanbul #2461 by the archeologists who unearthed it.

Karmit Tzubera and Dror Orpaz were the eventual winners of a kissing contest held at Rabin Square, Tel-Aviv, Israel, after kissing for 30 hours 45 minutes, on April 5, 1999.

Saint Valentine was a bishop who was beheaded for helping young lovers marry against the wishes of the mad Roman emperor Claudius. Before execution, Valentine himself had fallen in love with his jailer's daughter. He signed his final note to her, "From Your Valentine", a phrase that has lasted through the centuries.

Valentine's Day is believed to have had its beginnings in a Roman festival called the Lupercalia. The early Roman men often wore the names of the girls who were to be their partners during the Lupercalia pinned to their sleeves. And thus came the saying "wearing your heart on your sleeve".

The 17th century hopeful maiden ate a hard-boiled egg and pinned five bay leaves to her pillow before going to sleep on Valentine's eve. It was believed this would make her dream of her future husband.

The Duke of Orleans is believed to have made the first valentine card. Imprisoned in the Tower of London in 1415, he wrote love poems, or "valentines", to his wife in France.

3% of pet owners will give Valentine's Day gifts to their pets (compared to 48% at Christmas).

Among the writings of the Ancient Greeks, the onion is mentioned the most often as an aphrodisiac.

The red rose was the favorite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love. Red stands for strong feelings which is why a red rose is a flower of love.

Wearing a wedding ring on the fourth finger of the left hand dates back to ancient Egypt, where it was believed that the vein of love ran from this finger directly to the heart.

As reported in a February 1840 edition of The London Times, Queen Victoria's wedding cake was more than nine feet in circumference.

Eighty-five percent of all Canadian brides receive a diamond engagement ring, giving Canada the highest diamond engagement ring acquisition rate in the world.

The longest engagement on record was Octavio Guillen and Adriana Martinez. After "dating" for 67 years, they finally got married. They were both 82.

The youngest couple ever to marry was an eleven month old boy and a three month old girl who were married in Bangladesh in 1986. The marriage was arranged in order to settle a twenty year feud over a disputed piece of farmland.

The most fantastic gift of love is the Taj Mahal in India. It was built by Mughal Emperor Shahjahan as a memorial to his wife, who died in childbirth. Work on the Taj began in 1634 and continued for almost 22 years. required the labor of 20,000 workers from all over India and Central Asia.

We part as we met, and we pass beyond,
As Love is the Law, and Love is the Bond.
Merry have we met, and merry have we been.
Now merry let us part, and merry meet again.

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