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Witches' Dance

By light of Moon, I oft did hear,
Their singing in the wood.
Bright candle flames, like fireflies,
Outside the Circle stood.
They say the Witches gathered there,
Wherein the dark did dwell,
Afraid to meet within the light,
The reasons I've heard tell.

The Witches' dance, beneath the Moon,
I would that I might go,
To be so free and light of heart,
And let my gladness flow.
But the Witches passed beyond the mist,
Some scattered, many dead,
Their voices stilled, all laughter gone,
The forest stained with red.

The nights were full of emptiness,
No Magick in the air.
Much sadder was the world I knew,
The forest much less fair.
They promised to return some year,
When portents would allow.
There's changes in the wind these days,
Perhaps the time is now.

Earth power is awake again,
And once more we are free.
Our Magick has returned to us,
In stream and field and tree.
O who will dance the Witches' Dance,
Within a forest glade?
Come join the dance, as 'round we tread,
And do not be afraid.

words by Thistle Fire, Copyright 2002
traditional melody

Come Join our Dance

We are currently seeking a few people within the Sacramento area who might wish to become students of our Tradition of Witchcraft.

We are very family oriented. Children are welcome at our Rituals, and we have many other family activities, too. We partake of no drugs or alcohol at any of our meetings.

Those we seek must be willing to accept responsibility for their lives through word and thought and deed. They will desire to become empowered from within and to think for themselves.

Our classes will be held on three to four weeknights per month beginning at 7:00 PM, will last approximately two and a half hours, and will include handouts and a Meditation or Ritual. There may also be an occasional Saturday or Sunday workshop.

Course length will be sixteen class sessions, beginning October 2002 and every six months thereafter. There is no charge for any of our classes or workshops, but students will need to supply their own binders, writing materials, etc., and will sometimes be asked to help provide juice and cookies, or Pot Luck fare if they are able.

Students must be over 18 years of age, or be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Those who are underage may be considered as students provided that they have express written parental permission, their own transportation, and are mature enough to sit or stand quietly.

If you would like more information, please CONTACT US,

or visit our MESSAGEBOARD.

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